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We're the first organisation committed to have a universal goal of digital immortality being affordable and accessible for the greater world audience.

We provide multiple Afterlife services available to enable you to live on past physical death and deterioration of your body through storing your conscious (what makes you) to be restored in the future when technology surpass our current medical knowledge

If you're to pass away, would like to live longer with your loved ones, and want to know what the future has to offer then consider utilising our state of the art, one of the kind largest network of medical providers in the Afterlife space.

Often many mistake the technology involved with this industry to be cost prohibitive to the general audience, this has been an industry lie and costs to keep you preserved can be free to those that invest their money into a matching savings account with a financial bank, allowing their savings to cover the costs of afterlife services involved. For as little as $1 a day, you can achieve all your dreams.


Services available

  • Cryogenic freezing (Cryonics/Cryopreservation)


Feasibility studies

All services come with the below included services to ensure your consciousness, body and digital privacy is ensured to be future-proof.

  • Feasibility study
  • Education material
  • Digital identification packaged
  • Mind Uploading discussions
  • Physical Personal long term storage
  • Health and fitness services
  • Diet and regime services
  • Brain data upload services
  • Future proofing ownership of your consciousness
  • Legal services (Will's/Inheritance/digital privacy)
  • Medical services

Please contact us so we can help find a solution for your afterlife in your country Ensure that you are prepared for the future.


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