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Why spend your life wondering whether you could've walked? Exoskeletons (also known as powered orthotics) are a short term, to permanent medical apparatus for those with neurological and muscle deficiencies preventing correct upright movement allowing those afflicted to have an external apparatus use it’s machinery to assist in walking upright and in a correct gait manner. In many situations where a wheelchair would’ve been the practical solution in the past nowadays Exoskeletons provide a current 21st century solution replacement to help become upright and mobile.

Exoskeletons come in varieties of shapes, colours, sizes, and weights from seamless hidden “under your clothes and pants” exoskeletons to more complex external visible suits for up to full body ambulatory (movement) assistance. The purpose of Exoskeletons (Powered Orthotics) is via.

  • the correcting your gait (movement) and allowing ambulatory movement.
  • helping your weak neurological signals and muscles be assisted with an external apparatus for either permenant usage or for your rehabilitation period
  • to assist outside of disability healthcare situations to prevent workplace injury by having an external apparatus do the lifting for you


Rental options, free exoskeleton suits paid for by your Medicare/medical insurances as well as wholesale outright purchase of powered orthotics (exoskeletons) exist with us. Please contact us so we can best find what's suited for your needs.

Rehabilitation assistance

We help with finding partner and foreign rehabilitation programs for your geographical location and assist with medical insurance discovery to find you the lowest cost rate to rent/buy/or loan free of cost your exoskeleton suit.