Custom Prosthetics


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If your looking for a custom prosthesis to best suit your needs our partner network combines a large network of clinics, institutions, business and organisations on the forefront of designing, engineering and building state of the art Prosthetics.

As technology and humanity progress the ingenuity behind prosthetics changes leading to better improvements in bionics, articulation, feedback response times, accuracy, decrease in costs and weight, increases in material density and hardness, higher shock, water resistant ratings, ease of use, durability, modularity and more features.

We do the difficult work by measuring you up to success with our partner network team of clinical experts in prosthetics, orthotics, cybernetics, physiotherapists and designers to design, develop or lead you to the right clinician to get fitted with your own custom prosthetic.

Note: This is a global service. We ask for measurements and medical data recordings to build and ship your device to international customers and can help arrange international stay in Australia while you await your custom prosthesis. Get in touch today to see how we can accommodate you.

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