In 1954 Qian Xuesen also known as Hsue-Shen Tsien (Chinese: 钱学森, Birth: 11th December 1911 – Death: 31st October 2009) a Chinese astrophysicist, aerospace engineer, mathematician and cyberneticist a member of the Manhattan Project along with Albert Einstein, notable for worldwide nuclear technology proliferation and the foundation of the Chinese Space Agency was under house arrest in America under false pretences of having communist sympathies.

Those allegations were never realised but during his time spent in isolation he wrote a monograph (a scholarly book on a specific subject) on control theory and guided systems named Engineering Cybernetics. That research became known as the establishment of the discipline Engineering Cybernetics, the foundation of knowledge and application of Cybernetics with designing controlled or guided systems such as control engineering and robotics.


Cybernetics has been ill defined throughout our history. The Etymology (history) of the word dates back to ancient Greek terminologies kybernētikḗ (Greek: κυβερνητική), meaning "governance", kybérnēsis (Greek: κυβέρνησις), meaning "government", while  kybernḗtēs (Greek: κυβερνήτης) is the governor, pilot, or "helmsperson" of the "ship". The word cybernetics was first used in the context of "the study of self-governance" by Plato in his works titled "Republic" (around 375 BCE).

During the Macy conferences (1941 - 1960) a series of conferences held in New York under the direction of Frank Fremont-Smith at the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation starting in 1941 and ending in 1960, in which likeminded thinkers of sciences and medicine gathered to define the meanings of various ideas it was during a certain conference that Cybernetics was characterised as the study of "circular causal and feedback mechanisms in biological and social systems".

Initially the terminology defined the study of circular causality in a feedback loop, that is to say the scientific study of feedback mechanisms in a circular system. A system of any nature (machine or biological) runs, an external environmental stimulus then interacts or enters with the loop system then the system responds or adapts to the new stimulus and changes.

Overtime the meaning of Cybernetics has gone to encompass many disciplines and fields from civil governance e.g., politics but evolved to deal with the scientific study of communication and governance in society and humans. Overtime the meaning extended to include the study of machine communication and governance.

One of the most well-known inclusive definitions of Cybernetics is that of Norbert Wiener (1894 – 1964) in his book titled Cybernetics, he identified cybernetics as concerned with "control and communication in the animal and the machine".


 Cybernetics (noun)

Cybernetics (noun): Is the study, science & technology which encompass governance, control, communication and convergence both tangible and intangible of biological & machine matter; such as the study of Human Government, Artificial Intelligence, Bionic prosthetic limbs, Brain-Computer Interfaces or Cyborg.
"A Cyborg is a cybernetic organism e.g., human, with cybernetic parts, such as robotic camera eyes in replacement for their pre-existing eyes and bionic prosthetic limbs that are controlled with a brain-computer interface governed by the hosts brain."



Cybernetics being a cross discipline of medicine and technology means it's research can be used to improve the lives of humans through negating negative health constraints such as natural death of cells and create improvements in life via improving biological function. The technology can be used to recreate lost biological functionality, help with rehabilitation, prevent further injuries through to improving kinetic and mental output.

Cybernetics combines the art of everything from Bionics, Cyberware, Microchip implants, Exoskeletons, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Neural Prosthesis and Prosthetics to create hybrid humans that function better then through natural birth.

Cybernetics isn't limited to the human self but can endeavour the creation of everything from the medical & technological convergence from nanorobotics through to nootropics (cognitive enhancers). The possibilities are endless as our technology jumps further ahead.

The benefits lie in changing humanity to be free of ill and immortal from natural pathological causes. Society can be changed by connecting us all together through neural synapses giving humanity the mental attainment of unity. Cybernetics is the link to human perfection to be unified, one, together and never be alone. To look better, feel better, move around, talk to those we love instantaneously and never be alone.


With the proliferation of accessible mass media and free-thought in the end of the 20th century Cybernetics has continuously influenced society and culture.

Science fiction novelists such as Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (1968) and William Gibson's Neuromancer (1984), TV shows such as The Six Million Dollar Man (1973) and Galactica (1980), Movies such as The Terminator (1984) and Robocop (1987), animations such as Ghost in the Shell (1997) and video games such as the Deus Ex (2000 - ongoing) series gave humans an early glimpse of how we can modify ourselves.

It was the start of the 21st century that the Cybernetic movement picked up traction towards its modern interpretation developing sub-cultures such as cyberpunk and ideas of transhumanism. 

Individuals have drawn influence from cybernetics theory and science fiction media to modify their bodies with electronics and metal in an attempt to merge man and machine. Subsequent bodyhackers began attempting basic cursory cyberware and bionics to augment themselves and Cybernetic focused business and educational courses have come to exist.

New terminologies such as Cyberware or the terminology cyborg a combination of words cybernetic organism was created to encompass artefacts and cultural references of cybernetics science and technology from the colloquial to academic stages of society with no organisational standards or doctrines to define or standardise the meanings.


Many theorists have proposed that cybernetics will open a gateway to the impending doom and collapse of society through dystopian subjugation of non-augmented individuals such as in Cyberpunk dystopian fantasies juxtaposed with theorists arguing that cybernetics is a necessary evolutionary step towards transhumanism and utopia.

Debates on body autonomy and government interference are ongoing where oppressive laws targeting the purchase of necessary medical instruments for self and businesswise cybernetics fabrication and surgery exist preventing individuals from easily and safely cybernetically augmenting bodies much akin to abortion debates of autonomy.

Legal debates exist on Cybernetic devices legal utilisation with public infrastructure for instance airports may deny cybernetically implanted individuals boarding access due to security concerns. Hospitals have been known to be cautious due admit individuals with magnetised implants due to interfering with medical hardware such as MRI's. Public transports such as Australia's Transport NSW have fined individuals for taking autonomy of their own bodies for using valid travel permits implanted in themselves to travel using public transport. 

Cybernetics can be described as the most dangerous science on Earth where prominent scientists across different cultures have been murdered, framed or subject to oppression in one form or another such as Qian Xuesen. Conservative political and religious groups have been large obstacles to passing progressive laws on cybernetics application and transhumanism.


In 2019 Sumeet Singh was the founder of the world's first universal delivery of all Cybernetic disciplines, Cybernetics organisation Posh Python (now: Sabrenetics, Sabre-netics).

His journey began during early 2010's when a chance meeting with Steve Haworth (a pioneer and spokesperson on subdermal body modification) in a Sydney tattoo & piercing parlour occurred leading to him getting his first implant a subdermal magnet. Documenting his work on Wikipedia leading to the foundation of Wiki knowledge on the topic, it became an obsession from which he dedicated his passion to discovery, documentation and innovation of the cybernetic field, landscape, and history.

His works led to Amal Graafstra and his work at Dangerous Things. He decided Microchip NFC implants were a requirement to further the cybernetic evolutionary path. Having a local business assist in the procedure Sumeet received his second augmentation an xNT RFID NFC microchip implant developed by Dangerous Things.

Learning off various experts in the Med-Tech industry and realising that no one else was able to answer any further questions it was time to start a new organisation that would encompass cybernetics in its entirety. To be able to shape the discipline in his own way to be open source, have unrestricted information access flow, a place of research, experimentation, congregation support and showcase and provide cybernetic goods and services to the global audience.


Sabrenetics became the world's first cybernetics clinic, combining the multiple disciplines of Medical, Technological and Engineering cybernetics into one singular delivery platform & organisation. As of writing Sabrenetics is the only healthcare organisation on Earth providing full medical, technological, and engineering care and support to humans of all stages of cybernetic enhancement, augmentation, and evolution.

It was a journey to get to the stage where representation for a needed discipline was concretely recognised. It took several years before the laws and regulations were accepted for cybernetics clinical companies' existence.

Sabrenetics faced every media scrutiny available and acceptance through various boards and tech giants to advertise and host on their platforms utilising reserved savings several times in the process to market to allow the continuous organisations existence and for the foreseeable future until exists global acceptance of the cyborgisation movement.


It was decided that existing medical, technological & engineering cybernetics fields would encompass vast augmentations of biological beings such as the human self. To gather these requirements together to develop the foundation of Cybernetics the disciplines of the following were merged together to form a single delivery of established fields of technological/engineering/medical Cybernetics such as;

  • Engineering - Exoskeletons (Powered Orthotics) of Engineering Cybernetics & Control theory discipline, etc.
  • Bionics & Robotics - Prosthetics, Neural Prosthetics and Exoskeletons to repair, replace, modify and improve biological function, etc.
  • Medicine & Biology - Neural Interfaces (brain computer Interfaces, and related nervous system augments) to augment and improve neurological function, etc.
  • Technology - Microchip implants and all subcutaneous subdermal electronic machine implants, etc.
  • Chemistry - Nootropics (Chemical Neural Cognitive enhancers) to improve overall body function, Immuno-suppressants etc.
  • Governance - Psychology, Cybernetics Theory, VR Worlds, Neural networks, Data processing algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Afterlife services, etc.

As well as formally documenting knowledge behind becoming a Cyberneticist crossing multiple scientific, engineering and technological disciplines.

  • Biomedical Engineering - Medical Imaging, Control Theory, Brain Computer Interfaces 
  • Technology - Programming languages & data modelling 
  • Electronics Engineering - Signal Processing, Electricity, Semiconductors, Microcontrollers 
  • Medicine - Electrophysiology, Physiology, Neuroscience, Surgery, Rehabilitation and Triage 
  • Chemistry - Rehabilitation/Pain/immunosuppressant/Cognitive enhancement drugs
  • Philosophy - Psychology, Governance, Control, Communication and Speech 


The Ship of Theseus is a hypothetical situation in which if all parts of an object are replaced is it still the same object. Cyborgisation involves the augmentation of the human body with cybernetic parts. Foreign objects of biological machinery are added, augmented or replaced from a human in a process to morph the being into a new cybernetic organism also known as Cyborg. The process of cyborgisation realizes itself to reality as mankind's technological limitations are surpassed. There are philosophical questions to ask of which are human beings of cybernetic makeup still the sum of their whole, still human or cyborg. What percentage of foreign matter is required to create a cyborg. 

All these questions are answered in the makeup of one's mind. The journey to cyborgisation or human perfection, evolution is an ongoing spectrum of continuous modifications. As beauty, cyborgisation has no limits and perfection has no boundaries. Are Cybernetics the right choice then in a life that one can never attain a perfect being. The answers lie in the journey. Without taking the first step to experience another life, a new world, a new being you cannot appropriately judge the existence. 

Sabrenetics opened doors for the unnamed Cyberneticists before and after to have a dedicated space in this world an organisation to espouse those beliefs, rights, and to showcase the delivery of Cybernetics and cyborgisation to the global audience to start the cybernetic revolution with an aim to change the human race to advance ourselves through merging with the machine.

Sabrenetics invites you to become more then human. To join the next stage of human evolution. 


To learn more about the science of Cybernetics Medical Engineering we have come up with a free knowledge base repository library you may browse here.