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The Cybernetics, Cyberware, and Cyborg Museum project has been temporarily suspended due to financial constraints. Originally envisioned as a public gallery showcasing historically significant cyberware and cyborg models, the project awaits sufficient funding to proceed.

In the Cyberware category, the museum plans to exhibit early computer models utilized in medical diagnostics, brain-computer interfaces, prosthetics obtained from donors affected by birth defects or wartime injuries, as well as microchip implants sourced from leading biomedical companies.

Meanwhile, the Cyborg models category will feature representations from diverse media, including anime, Hollywood science fiction series and films, video games, and their associated franchises. We will try to if permission is granted to include such media playing or playable if in video game interactive format for participants.

The business model entails utilizing a portion of the currently leased Sabrenetics Office space to house the curated gallery. The museum will be aimed at all ages and open to the public free of charge following a test duration for safety concern reasons.

Individuals can contribute to the museum by donating electronics and medical devices related to the aforementioned fields, with their contributions acknowledged through dedicated plaques displayed alongside the exhibits.

Moreover, the museum welcomes volunteers interested in guiding visitors, offering an opportunity to gain valuable work experience in a distinctive field.