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Get paid to publish with us OR Learn how to write a book and publish

Check out our article on how to write and publish a book

Do you want to publish your book on biomedical engineering, cyberware, cyborgs and related sciences and need help?

We provide you every step for you to take to have your book published with us in Australia and marketed worldwide.

We provide a 100% transparent free service that you can also get paid to help you get published worldwide sorted and teach you everything in detail. You just choose us as your publisher. No cost involved, you retain all rights to self publish worldwide and will be self assisted to publish worldwide through services such as IngramSpark and we will help you market your book. Your books published with us become branded with the Sabrenetics for publishing which increases your visibility and trust as an professional author. We don’t take commission as your helping us grow. You keep all copyright. You keep royalty profit. Most importantly you become an authentic author.

See how to apply and conditions below.


Support available

We help with the below

  1. Marketing, (Optional) Setting up websites, domains names, copyrights, trademarks, social media for your books titles and author biography pages. This is your page forever which we can modify anytime at no costs subject to timing and availability and complexity.

  2. Future support, (Optional) Subsequent book editions not published with us will still receive our guidance on publishing as long as no sales exclusions or none of our terms and conditions are broken.

  3. Future support, (Optional) Receive future support for the life of our organisation for your book subject to time, availability and complexity.

  4. Returns, (Optional) We can store your returns for you to come collect them if they are to be destroyed.

  5. Marketing,(Optional) We can store promotional marketing paraphernalia of your book (such as cardboard Lifesize cut-outs for event promotion, banners, flags, etc..).

  6. Networking (Optional) you with other authors, professionals and experts, with your writing style and likes. (Using organised events, and email recommendation correspondence, etc..)

You not only learn everything on how to publish professional books and make your dream come true, but have us as a market platform to spread your dream everywhere. You’re also helping our dream grow as a mutual business relationship. The only catch is you choose us to be your book publisher.


To apply

contact us requesting to publish with us, through out contact us webpage (using form or email) and link provided here



1. We only request books about cyborgs, cyberware, trans/post humanism, biomedical engineering or related disciplines.

2. If your book has medical advice in nature then we note that we are not a healthcare provider, nor do we hire any board qualified healthcare practitioners. We will discuss your manuscript with a medical documentation legal attorney/lawyer/solicitor to discuss how to proceed.

3. We will review your book to ensure it meets our criteria standards of safety, targets the right audience, isn't vulgar in nature, meets our standards for biomedically engineered related science or philosophy, cost benefit analysis to print and advertise, all of which results will be transparent and sent to.

4. We can only publish so many books at a time, so don't expect us to publish 100 books in one go. We will slowly plan your releases over a short or long time period. We will advice you beforehand.

5. If you agree to our service we own the rights to sell and advertise your books first editions in every format published with us for at least 5 years. You still reserve rights of your own copyright and to publish your book elsewhere.

6. Payments for books that meet our criteria are subjects and contracted to publish with us can be compensated for up to $10,000 AUD. This offer is exclusive of royalties you would receive otherwise.

7. Royalty from every book sale you receive for the books edition published with us of 70% (equal to Amazon eBook publishing, and we don't charge for file size limits. at time of this article submission on 22nd December 2022). Our commission is only 30% of book sales.