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WinEEG Research Software
Applications for advanced EEG and ERP processing

WinEEG is an advanced QEEG research-grade software for EEG and ERP data post-hoc processing and analysis.

Both native Mitsar-EEG format files and international EDF and EDF+ files could be imported for processing. WinEEG supports up to 256 channel recordings including event markers and triggers for Event-Related Potentials (ERP) studies.

  • 8/24/32 channel wireless amplifier
  • Synchronization with eye-tracking
  • Lab Streaming Layer outlet and inlet
  • Data streaming to iMotions application
  • Public SDK for developers


  • Wireless SmartBCI is a wearable EEG system ready for
  • BCI and neuromarketing. Support of LSL technology
  • and TTL in/outputs for synchronization with third-party devices and simulation software allow to
  • perform ERP research and design custom BCI and
  • neurofeedback applications.


Multimodal trigger module with digital IR interface for
connection to SmartBCI amplifier.

  • TL inputs and outputs
  • Built-in audio stimulator
  • LED glasses photic stimulator
  • Response buttons
  • Pattern sensor

Wearable wireless EEG headsets:

Here you will find a comparison chart of full-montage wearable wireless EEG systems for research and clinical application. Only professional grade EEG headsets have been selected by Mitsar experts like word leaders in the neuroscience industry. All listed electroencephalographs manufacturers offer high-quality portable EEG machines with unique features and having following applications

  • Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) design and development
  • Research in Sports and Peak Performance EEG
  • EEG research while daily routines
  • Medical grade ambulatory EEG recording and etc.

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