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Enterprise Neurotechnology Solutions

Partner with EMOTIV to build customized science-based enterprise solutions leveraging personalized neuroinformatics and machine learning. Improve workplace wellness, safety, and productivity with our brand new EEG buds: EMOTIV MN8.

Leveraging brain science, EMOTIV has created a platform of hardware, software, and machine learning algorithms to support the creation of applications and experiences that can provide users with unprecedented levels of personalized insights (current and future).

We’re excited to introduce the EMOTIV MN8 Development Kit, empowering you to create brain data-driven applications with our latest EEG buds. The real-time measure of stress and attention allows for the first time to create apps that are responsive to one’s brain activity to inform workplace strategies aiming at improving learning, well-being, safety, and productivity.

The MN8 Dev Kit houses all the tools required to jumpstart your development:

Discreet Hardware: 

  • 2 x EMOTIV MN8 2-channel EEG buds
  • Protective case
  • Charging Cable 
  • 3 sizes of EEG buds (S, M, L)

Essential Software: 

  • EMOTIV App & EMOTIV App Mobile APIs (iOS and Android) – EMOTIV’s centralized installer and login interface
  • Virtual Brainwear® – device simulator for application development
  • EmotivPRO – Integrated software solution to record, store and export data
  • EMOTIV Labs – Crowdsourced research platform featuring interactive brain games

Cortex APIs to EMOTIV data streams

  • Raw EEG
  • Performance Metrics: Cognitive Stress & Attention (auditory)
  • Head motion data for accurate tracking

Technical Support

  • Tiered Technical Support 
  • Quickstart Guides and Documentation including sample code
  • Developer Portal (Coming Soon)

EEG buds custom-built for frictionless software integration & daily use:

EMOTIV MN8 is a first-of-its-kind Bluetooth stereo headset with integrated 2-channel EEG buds. MN8 is discreet, easy to use and comfortable to wear throughout the day. EMOTIV MN8 helps to measure and analyze the changes in your employees’ levels of stress and attention using EEG and EMOTIV’s proprietary machine learning algorithms. EMOTIV MN8 cannot read thoughts or feelings, but it can provide easy-to-understand feedback on the level of stress and distraction to inform workplace wellness, safety, and productivity.

An adaptable neurotech ecosystem that fits your needs:

Create wellness, safety, productivity solutions with EMOTIV MN8 & brain data-based insights to tailor processes & experiences for every individual.

The most discreet mobile EEG device available today:

Set-up in minutes and use for up to 6 hours, with built-in audio and mic, MN8’s multi-purpose feature set fits seamlessly into any daily routine.


  • Wireless Connectivity: Connects to computers via Bluetooth.
  • Easy Set-Up: Get to work in less than a minute.
  • Long Battery Life: Rechargeable battery up to 6 hours.
  • Hands-free: Wireless headset support using an in-built microphone.
  • Motion Sensors: Detect head movements for accurate tracking.
  • Audio: High-quality full stereo wireless earbud headset.

EPOC X Quick Start Guide:

STEP 1:Charging your MN8

Your MN8 is charged and tested before shipping — so you can start using it straight away.

To maximise the use of your MN8, we recommend that you fully charge it before use. If the multifunctional LED does not flash when you press the power button, it requires charging. Your MN8 can take up to two hours to fully charge.

When your MN8 is charging the LED will turn red. When your MN8 is fully charged the LED will turn green.

MN8 does not turn on when charging; this is a safety feature to prevent electrocution, do not charge your MN8 when it is in use.

STEP 2: 
Turning your headset on/off

To turn your MN8 on, press and hold the power button for two seconds. When you do this, the multifunctional LED will flash and you will hear an audio prompt saying ‘power on’.

To turn your MN8 off, press and hold the power button for five seconds until you hear an audio prompt saying ‘power off’ and the LED turns off. When you turn your MN8 off, the multifunctional LED will not be illuminated.

STEP 3: 
Connecting MN8 to your device

Before using your MN8 for the first time, please download the latest version of the EMOTIV App and EmotivPRO. MN8 requires two Bluetooth connections, one for audio streaming (Bluetooth Classic) and one for data (Bluetooth Low Energy), you can use both or one at a time.

When you turn on your MN8 for the first time, it will automatically go into pairing mode and the multifunctional LED will flash red and blue. We recommended that you pair the MN8 (data) device first, then pair MN8 (audio) device second.

STEP 4: 
Device Fitting

MN8 is designed to be a personal device for fit and comfort and the ear hook is adjustable.

Place your MN8 over your neck with the pod resting against your shoulders.

Take the left-hand pod and feed the ear hook over your ear.

Push the ear tips into your ear canal and make sure that it fits comfortably, but snuggly. Both bumps in the ear hook should be touching the back of your ear. Repeat for your right ear.

STEP 5: Fitting / Changing the tips

MN8 is shipped with medium tips fitted and we have included two additional sizes in the ziplock, large and small. To do this, pull to remove the current ones from the metal canal sensors. Once removed, you can fit the new earbuds by pushing them onto the metal canal sensor.

Due to the sensitive nature of EEG recordings, the buds should feel very snug in your ear so there is no gap. If in doubt, size up.

STEP 6: 
Adjusting the ear hook

If it feels like the ear hook is too tight or loose around your ear, it can be adjusted by gently squeezing or pulling it. Do not apply too much force as this could break the ear hook.


EMOTIV products are intended to be used for research applications and personal use only. Our products are not sold as Medical Devices as defined in EU directive 93/42/EEC. Our products are not designed or intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment of disease


  • Battery Life: Up to 6 hours
  • Frequency Response:0.16 – 45Hz
  • Sensor Count: 2 (+4 references)
  • Sensor Locations: Left and Right Ear Canal
  • LSB Resolution:0.51µV
  • Dynamic Range:±4.17 mV

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