MRI Sponstim

MRI Sponstim


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NE026MRI (a/b/c/d)
MRI Sponstim

The MRI Sponstim is a family of sponge-based radio translucent electrodes suitable for any type of transcranial electrical stimulation with Starstim® during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The MRI Sponstim electrodes offer a range of different shapes and sizes to suit various experiment requirements. The circular model with 25 cm² and the rectangular model with 35 cm² provide a large, comfortable and reliable contact, which is ideal for bipolar (anodal or cathodal) experiments. The smaller MRI Sponstim models, one with a circular area of 8 cm² and one with a pellet area of π cm², are the solutions designed for multi-electrode tES. All models must be used with saline solution.

  • Chosen sizes of MRI Sponstim are included with Starstim® MRI extension kits.

Technical specifications:


  • Cover: sponge
  • Core: carbon rubber


    • Shape: circular or rectangular
    • Contact area: 25 / 8 / 5 cm² or 5x7 cm²

    tES stimulation function:

    • Waveforms: tDCS, tACS, tRNS, arbitrary tES
    • Durability: 100h of tES
    • Contact liquid: saline solution


    • Sold in units

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