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Highest Density Dry EEG System

Completely redesigned.
Increased comfort, signal quality, and ease of use.
With built-in LED impedance measurement.

30 EEG channels plus 2 ExG channels for advanced researchers.
The Quick-32r is a complete rethinking of the capabilities of a dry EEG headset. With industry-leading signal quality, built-in noise rejection, long-term comfort, enhanced usability, and unique built-in LED impedance indicators for real-time contact quality.



  • On-board real-time impedance checking at each channel location
  • Each pod has a built-in adjustment knob to help push aside hair for maximum contact quality
  • 8 hours of battery life from two AA batteries
  • Two variable ExG channels can be used for additional EEG locations, EOG, EMG, or ECG
  • Mechanical design accommodates heads sized 52 to 62 cm in a standard 10-20 +10 configuration— with no positional adjustments needed
  • Lightweight, comfortable design is rated for 60-minute sessions
  • Use with our Wireless StimTrigger for ERP sessions

How Do They Work?

Of course, the two questions we are most often asked are: how do your electrodes work, and how do they compare against conventional wet electrodes?

The answer to the first is simple in theory but complex in practice. CGX dry electrodes work because they are backed by sophisticated mechanics and electronics while most companies focus on a single element, such as the electrode.

The answer to the second is equally nuanced. At CGX, we focus on rigorous internal testing and validation of international standards. This is why researchers around the world use our systems in independent, peer-reviewed publications.

CGX Dry Is A System:

CGX dry electrode headsets are designed holistically:

the electrode, headset mechanics, and electronics are optimized to function as a whole. The end result is the product of thousands of hours of engineering—modelling, prototyping, and optimizing. This results in an advanced mechanical system that's comfortable, secure across a variety of head sizes, and extremely easy to operate.

Shield PSG 2.png

The Industry’s Best Wireless Amplification:

Our electronics are more than just an amplifier in a box. It's a chain beginning at the tip of the electrode. Each electrode has advanced electrical shielding and pre-amplification which reject extraneous external noise.

From there, the signal travels through a custom-configured wire harness to our sophisticated amplifier.

  • We use the best, low-noise, high-resolution data acquisition electronics on the market. Precise 24-bit A/D converters with >100dB CMRR, microVolt noise floors and active noise cancellation enable robust data collection even under tough, real-world environments.
  • We do no signal filtering or massaging—delivering a research-grade raw EEG signal unmatched in the industry.

Conventional Active Electrode

Active Electrode With CGX Active Shielding

Bluetooth Transmission:

And because our systems are so lightweight and power-efficient they can be incorporated into the headset itself and operate for hours with standard batteries. Built-in Bluetooth Low Energy offers up to a 10-meter range for wireless telemetry.
CGX Dry High-Density Systems are also equipped with a custom Bluetooth implementation to transfer higher data rates than what is normally possible with conventional technology.

Real-Time Impedance Checking:

CGX Dry systems contain a variety of advanced circuitry to support researchers. All systems are equipped with a patented real-time impedance monitor to gauge sensor contact quality. For precision timing experiments such as evoked potentials, our systems support an ultra-low latency link to transfer markers with 1-millisecond accuracy without wires.


  • Sizing: Fits heads sized 52-62 cm
  • Dimensions:20 x 18 x 19 cm
  • Weight:646 grams
  • Runtime:8 hours wireless
  • Power: 2 AA Batteries
  • Montage:10-20 + 10, 2 ExG
  • Sampling Rate:500 samples per second
  • Bandwidth:0-131 Hz with true DC coupling
  • Accelerometer:3-axis
  • microSD Card: No
  • Wireless Range:10 meters
  • Noise:<1.0 μV RMS from 1-50 Hz, shorted inputs
  • Sensors: Drypad, Flex
  • Data Stream: Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Raw Data: Full access through real-time API
  • Impedance Check: Real-time continuous

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